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Redaelli Rope App

The Redaelli Rope App is a web application that offers an online consultation service. 

This app acts as a direct line between those who use rope systems and Redaelli's technical department.  Redaelli Rope App is an interactive tool made available to those looking for additional, more detailed information and support from Redaelli's technicians, for professional needs and purposes. 

Redaelli Rope App is therefore a means of dialogue for exchanging information, ideas and technologies, which are continuously developing, allowing Redaelli and their clients to enhance research and innovation. 

Exchanging information and needs is the key to innovation, and innovation is Redaelli's answer to market needs. 

rope app

Redaelli makes specific web spaces available, which include interactive calculation modules, in order to provide technicians in the sector and expert users with a series of significant support, analysis and checking elements for rope system applications.

Specific guidelines are provided related to the norms, with particular attention given to Offshore situations, as a technological frontier in extreme use of ropes, which is soon to be extended to all the areas of interest and markets in which Redaelli is active: Cranes, Cableways, Mining and Tenso-Structures. 

calculationCalculation and checking means for the major mechanical characteristics of ropes and the elements with which they interact. 

4Formulone Redaelli - an innovative calculation algorithm on the fatigue lifespan of Redaelli ropes, specifically put together for use for Offshore applications.

5Direct Line between the client and Redaelli's technicians and experts, with scope for exchanging information and data.

6Overview of the potential of the ever more complete services and innovations offered by Redaelli, especially in relation to analysing the quality and performance of the rope, as well as for application needs during the production phase on both ropes and their accessories when in use.