Dubai Canal Footbridges, Dubai

Redaelli improves its presence in the Middle East being part of the realization of two 2 iconic footbridges on the brand new Dubai Water Canal.

An engineering reply to a stunning architectural challenge, which we had the pleasure to present at the Footbridge Conference held in Berlin in September 2017.

The Dubai Water Canal is an artificial canal inaugurated on November the 09th 2016 and it is one of the major contemporary architectonic masterpieces in the UAE region. It’s a three-kilometer long project which comprises one shopping center, four hotels and hundreds of restaurants, together with walkways and cycle paths. It comprises also five pedestrian bridges, three of which on the canal, that allow to cross it at key points and enjoy breathtaking views.

On the five footbridges two are supported by a cable system and Redaelli was awarded for the supply and installation.

The first footbridge is a metal bridge suspended by steel cables, with a total span of 120 m (69 m for the main span and 22 m for each of the two side spans) and a deck width of 6 m. The main peculiarity of this bridge is the distinctive Y-shape of the pylons. Because of this pylon shape, the eccentricity between the deck and the upper anchorages gives the catenary effect on the plane view and the hanger cables have an inclined configuration. For this reason, Redaelli supplied cables with special spherical nuts and washers in order to reach the exact cable configuration.

To install cables, it was necessary to place the main cable one next to the other and to use temporary tie rods to reproduce the final geometry of the system.

The second footbridge is an arch bridge, with a total span of 200 m and a height of 48 m. The peculiarity of this bridge is the S-shape of the deck. Because of this deck shape, there is an eccentricity in the hangers’ arrangement which allows to create an architectural signature even viewed from a great distance. In this case, Redaelli supplied special spherical sockets to allow a greater tolerance during cable installation.

All cables were installed in two months and the tensioning of all the hangers was carried out in one single night.

Technical Info
Year 2016
Location United Arab Emirates
Supply Suspension Bridge n. 70 cables of Zn95Al5 FLC 80 mm diameter and 52 steel hangers. A total length of approximately of 684 m and a weight of 14 tons. The FLC strands are connected to the fork and cylindrical sockets with polyester resin.
Arch Bridge n. 20 cables of Zn95Al5 FLC 100 mm diameter. A total length of approximately of 857 m and a weight of 54 tons. The FLC strands are connected to the fork and cylindrical sockets with polyester resin.