Nijmegen Arch Bridge

The Nijmegen Arch Bridge is a spectacular steel construction made of 7,000 tons steel with a 285 m span over the River "Waal" in the Netherlands. 

Redaelli participation in this project was to supply, install and tension the n. 60 full locked hanger cables with diameters between 72-95 mm a total of 135 tonnes.

The cables have a fixed fork socket type TTF to arch connection and an adjustable cylindrical socket with spherical washer type CYW to the deck connection.

Technical Info
Year 2011-2013
Client Max Boegl - Germania
Design Ney and Partners
Location Holland
wire FLC72 TTF – CYW no. 24 pieces
FLC82 TTF - CYW no. 16 pieces
FLC93 TTF - CYW no. 8 pieces
FLC95 TTF - CYW no. 12 pieces