Flexpack's new pride on receiving the "Ship of the Year, 2015" award.

Skandi Africa is the latest addition to the fleet of DOF Subsea, the leading supplier of services to the Oil & Gas sector.  Skandi Africa is a DP3 construction support vessel designed for difficult settings, used for underwater construction and flexlay operations up to a depth of 3,000 m. A charter contract has been signed for it for the next 5 years with Techship.

With a length of 160.9 m, a width of 32 m, and a 2,700 sq. m. cargo deck, Skandi Africa is one of the most sophisticated vessels ever built for offshore works. 

It is fitted with a 900 tonne working load Pedestal Mounted Crane and a combined active and passive stabilisation system to reduce wave motion. 

This high-tech crane was built by the Dutch company, Huisman, and is fitted with a special Redaelli Flexpack 135 mm Ø, 4,725 m long steel cable for its main lifting gear.  Our company provided tailor made solutions for both the initial supply and guaranteed the supply of a replacement cable.

A successful synergy: the Flexpack's high performance made it the only solution able to deal with this crane's extreme working conditions.

Technical Info
Year 2015
Client DOF
Supply Flexpack (L= 4,725 m, D=135 mm, W= 401 T)
Application Main Hoist 900t PMC