The winning solution for an offshore 5000t mast crane

Seven Borealis is the flagship of Subsea7’s fleet of 40 vessels and is also a world leader in subsea installations. The ship is equipped with the latest technology for deep water projects, including an off-shore Heavy Lift Mast Crane with a massive capacity of 5,000t. Designed, constructed and installed by Dutch company Huisman, this high-tech crane exclusively features Redaelli wire ropes. Redaelli worked side-by-side with the client to provide tailor-made solutions for the realization of the project: the ropes, obviously, but also the technical design of crucial components such as hoists, pulleys etc. The result? A winning synergy! Redaelli’s wire ropes are strong and resistant, able to satisfy the exceptional payload needed of this crane. For one of the most advanced in off-shore applications.

Technical Info
Year 2010
Client Huisman Itrec
Wire Flexpack (L= 3300 mt; W= 196 T; d=109mm)
Pack9 (L=2600 mt; W= 135 T; d=72mm) Application= 5000t HLMC main hoist
Pack9 (L=4200 mt; W= 109 T; d=72mm) Application= 5000t HLMC boom hoist