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Conquering the World

Redaelli’s steel rope is the heaviest in the world! After being awarded by Guinness World Records for two consecutive years in 2013, Redaelli won the World Record for the heaviest wire rope ever manufactured. Its extraordinary Flexpack is still the best selling steel rope for offshore applications in deep waters. 4003 m long and 438 t in weight, are the numbers for the latest World Record! Such powerful ropes equip the vessels of the Saipem fleet and, weight aside, represent the most advanced technological innovation in the field. With its non-rotating characteristics Flexpack is the best choice for deepsea abandonment and recovery (A&R) operations. Flexpack is able to withstand major underwater pressure and high axial loads, reaching depths between 2,500 and 3,000 m. In addition, Flexpack is the first rope with a "Imagine-ID card" that constantly monitors it at every stage of its life cycle. This steady control evaluates the changes generated by ongoing work and any unforeseen event. Flexpack is the winning choice, for the best results in the most severe working conditions.

Technical Info
Supplied Products Flexpack
Data sheet - Vessel - Year - Application GWR 2013: L=4003mt;W=437.957 T; d=152mm - CastorOne - 2013 - 1000t A / R winch wire
Data sheet - Vessel - Year - Application GWR 2011: L=3850 mt; W=420.1 T; d=152mm - CastorOne - 2011 - A&R winch wire
Data sheet - Vessel - Year - Application GWR 2010: L = 3020 mt; W = 361,1 T; d = 160mm - FDS 2 - 2010 - Winch distribution 750T deepwater