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Redaelli Ropes for the largest potash mine in the world

Mosaic’s Esterhazy mine is the largest potash mine in the world with an annual capacity of 5.3 million tons. Mosaic has established the new Greenfield K3 mining complex at Esterhazy to expand their current mining operations.

The K3 complex will comprise two 20-foot diameter shafts sunk to a depth of approximately 3,700 feet below collar together with the necessary service shaft head frame and hoists, ventilation circuits and the associated surface infrastructure.

For this extraordinary project Redaelli has supplied their Flexmine ropes for the Galloway equipment. Flexmine ropes have been and are still in use at the Mosaic K3 site. AMC that was in charge for Mosaic K3 project is extremely happy to have chosen Redaelli as their rope supplier on this project. The challenge on this project is the scale and amount of work the ropes would be put through with the K3 project on the line.

These ropes have exceled in an environment where the average rope doesn’t cut it. Over the course of 4 years the ropes have lost minimal breaking strength, the MOL was very surprised with the excellent results that these ropes are stilling giving after such a heavy work load. We’re very proud that Redaelli could have been of such service, in such a complex and harsh environment.

Technical Info
Year 2015
Client JS Redpath / AMC
Location Esterhazy, Sakatchewan, CANADA
Wire Flexmine 500, non-rotating, fully compacted
Rope Lenght 8 x 1372m
Rope diameter 54mm