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7Mine is Golden at Moab’s AngloGold Ashanti

The 7Mine has reached a great milestone and has brought Redaelli a great deal of pride.

AngloGold Ashanti and Redaelli, worked hard together to have the 7Mine to outperform previous ropes that were installed on this very large hoist. The ropes have been operating at full capacity for the past 28 months. The foreseen operational life should be finally approx. 33 to 34 months.

AngloGold Moab Khotsong mine exploits three distinct portions of the Moab Khotsong lease area – the Top mine (above 85 level), the Middle mine (85 to 101 level) and the Lower mine (101 to 118 level), which exploits the Vaal reef and the C reef at depths of between 1 500 m and 2 600 m below surface.

Redaelli is looking forward to continue providing the great service that we have for Moab but also for all of our mining customers around the world. The 7Mine will continue to be installed in South Africa, but we look forward to the eventual install of the 7Mine in Canada and the US, these being a very large mining market, we see great potential for Redaelli to develop the references for the 7Mine.

Redaelli and it’s team thanks AngloGold Ashanti, for working together with us and establishing a long business relationship to last for many years to come.

Technical Info
Year 2014
Client AngloGold Ashanti
Location Moab Khotsong, SOUTH AFRICA
Application DP winder
Wire 7Mine, seven strand, compacted with compound core
Rope Length 2 x 2700 m
Rope diameter 54mm