Sugarloaf mountain (Pão de Açúcar)

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30 Years Young

One of the world's most reknown cableways, seen in documentaries and background scenes of many famous films. Pão de Açúcar’s passenger transport cableway is truly impressive and Redaelli is proud to be an integral part of this masterpiece.

In 1972, the first Redaelli of ropes were delivered. 30 years later the replacement because the ropes reached the maximum lifetime allowed by law, even though still in excellent condition! In 2002, Redaelli were chosen again, for the second supply, precisely because of the proven durability and high quality of its ropes.

In addition, the new ropes offered a plus of customization: Redaelli’s full locked aereal ropes (FLAR) are designed with a software to allows maximization and the ability to modulate the rope’s characteristics, such as resistance and minimum load disruption, to a specific project.

Redaelli ensures another great advantage: it is able to design and even "Z" shaped ropes to a desired height and shape.

Technical Info
Client Pão de Açúcar
Location Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Implementation 1972 (first delivery) - 2002 (second delivery)
Supplied Products Track ropes: Locked strand ropes (FLAR)