Redaelli once again reaches the heights at Laax

For the 2015/16 winter season, the La Saila chair lift will be replaced by an ultra modern cable car.   The cabins provide the greatest comfort, the seat cushions are heated and passengers are able to enjoy a stunning panoramic view. 

The systems of Treis Palas - Crap Masegn and Alp Dado - Crest La Siala, which came into service in 2012 and 2011 respectively, the new Sogn Martin-La Siala route is now a point of reference in terms of performance, profitability, and modernity, giving even more importance to economy and sustainability. 

Solar panels generate renewable energy, the stations are built of timber, and the cableway will be operated by a direct transmission system, with a direct drive motor (by LEITNER ropeways). 

Redaelli supplied the cables for the famous Redmont range for three systems - further proof of the success of combining modern design and innovative, sustainable technology.

Technical Info
Location Laax (CH)
Sogn Martin-La Siala
Year 2015
Rope REDMONT 7K (diameter = 58 mm, length = 6.970 mt, Weigth = 96 t)
Treis Palas-Crap Masegn
Year 2012
Lenght 1448 m
Altitude difference 350 m
Rope REDMONT 725 (diameter = 46 mm, length = 3.090 m)
Alp Dado-Crest La Siala
Year 2011
Lenght 1576 m
Altitude difference 369 m
Rope REDMONT 636 (diameter = 46 mm, length = 3.330 m)