Growing popularity of the High Contrast REDAELLI ropes in the Western Alps

“High Contrast” ropes were specially developed by R&D department of Redaelli in the framework of the project Alcotra Italy – France “Alpine Galliformes”. The rope’s main feature is alternative use of bright and galvanized strands, which does not affect the performance characteristics but enhances significantly the rope’s visibility. According to the studies, the ropes are among the frequent causes of mountain birds mortality rate, as they present a perfectly unnoticeable hazard in the way of a flying bird.

Thanks to this particular technical characteristic (and also due to cost-efficiency), the Redaelli “High Contrast” rope makes its valuable contribution to the anti-collision systems already in use on the mountain lifts.

One of such ropes has been already successfully installed on a chairlift PIANALUNGA – BOCCHETTE DELLE PISSE in Alagna V. (VC, Itlay), another two will be mounted within a few weeks on a new detachable chairlift CIMALEGNA – PASSO DEI SALATI property of Monterosa 2000 in Alagna V. (VC, Italy) and on a new detachable chairlift FREGIUSIA – PLATEAU of Comune di Bardonecchia in Bardonecchia (TO, Italy). All of the chairlifts were produced by  DOPPELMAYR ITALIA Srl , Lana (BZ, Italy).

Because of its specific manufacturing standards, the High Contrast rope in addition to CE certification is also considered an intellectual property duly registered and protected by international patent systems (BMU. INPI. IFPI, GM).


Technical Info
Year 2012
Customer Doppelmayr Italia Srl
Lift type 8MGD
Rope diam. 50 mm
Length 6.550 m
Rope type REDMONT631 ZR PD High Contrast
Year 2017
Customer Doppelmayr Italia Srl
Lift type 4CLD
Rope diam. 42 mm
Length 3.550 m
Rope type REDMONT 625HC High Contrast PD
Year 2017
Customer Doppelmayr Italia Srl
Location FREGIUSIA – PLATEAU, Bardonecchia (TO)
Lift type 6CLD
Rope diam. 48 mm
Lenght 3.400 m
Rope type REDMONT631 ZR PD High Contrast