Flexibility for innovation

Agudio (a company of LEITNER Group) has developed FLYINGBELT, a system that has deeply innovated the industry of cableways to transport materials: greater adaptability, reduced costs of installation and management, modular and repositionable, lower environmental impact and dust decrease. FLYINGBELT is an aerial transport system on ropes suspended via jumpers and rollers, with a conveyor belt set in a deep, semicircular conveying trough.

As always, wherever and whenever there's innovation, Redaelli is there - ideal partner in such excellent endeavours. Redaelli has provided the ropes for FLYINGBELT, to allow each section of rope to be customized if required.

Technical Info
Year 2013
Customer Agudio
Location France
Fornitura 16 locked ropes (FLAR)
2 reels of hauling ropes Redmont 6, 6-strand wire ropes (length: 4270 mt and 3960 mt)