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It is almost impossible to recall the whole number of big and prestigious projects, national and international, carried out over the years with the crucial contribution of Redaelli ropes. Here we offer a large selection of our most recent works, choosing among not only the big-league worldwide-famous projects, but favoring in particular the most complex ones. To which Redaelli has offered a unique product and/or solution, proving to be key partner in the success of each endeavour.

Offshore is the sector that expresses best Redaelli’s excellence - a greatness that has enabled the Company to achieve many records. As direct evidence of this international leadership, we have selected some of the many projects that have Redaelli ropes as key players.

Over 150 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of special ropes for passengers and material transportation: nowadays more than 3,000 installations worldwide are equipped with Redaelli ropes. Here you will find a selection of the most significant projects, where Redaelli met the specific requirements of each client in an industry characterized by constant growth and modernization.

With over 40 years of experience in the field of tensile structures, developing specific solutions for many types of cable systems, Redaelli has been successfully delivered many projects worldwide. Major vehicle bridges, footbridges, long span tensile structures, Ferris wheels: these and many others are the typical structures where Redaelli supplies its expertise.