Full Locked Coil Strands

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The best customizable rope for structural applications

Full Locked Coil strands have a high metallic cross section - this guarantees a higher breaking load and elastic axial stiffness with a smaller/reduced diameter. The outer "Z"-shaped layers give the rope a smoother profile, which allows for better clamping. The locked external surface, the internal compound Tensofill and the zinc–aluminium alloy coating (Zn95Al5) of each external wire allow for a high corrosion protection - that can be further improved with special waxes and extruded or co-extruded HDPE sheathing with wide set of colors and finishings. Redaelli has developed an advanced software which, in addition to the company’s total control of the manufacturing process, allows to customize the locked coil ropes to customer’s requirements. Including custom shaped wires for aerodynamic purposes, low torque cables or other special designs. Full Locked Coil strands are suitable for metal or resin socketing.

Locked coil cable
Wire coating: Zn or Zn95AI5
Coating of cable: conventional or HDPE Sheathing; Tensocoat
Reference standards: EN 12385-10, EN 1993-1-8, EN 1993-1-9, EN 1993-1-11


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