The World Record steel wire rope
flexpack wire rope

Flexpack is Redaelli’s award-winning, state-of-the-art wire rope. Non rotating, high strength, axial and radial stiffness along with flexibility: these are the characteristics that make Flexpack the go-to wire rope for high performances. The specific design, based on compacted modular strands, provides the perfect combination to achieve top results. Flexpack can satisfy the most severe requests for subsea and industrial applications such as off-shore abandoning and recovery activities, pipe laying operations, cranes for container handling, tower cranes, mobile cranes, rotary drilling machines etc.

In addition to the types of surface finish that have been already proposed (non-galvanized, drawn galvanized), Redaelli can supply all the Flexpack’s family ropes with a special surface finish: Zn95Al5 alloy.

The surface finish Zn95Al5 alloy offers the highest corrosion protection and therefore an increased fatigue life.


Non rotating
WSC or EPIWRC core
15 or 18 or 21 outer strands
Compacted outer strands
Conventional or Plastic filling
Regular or Lang lay
Ungalvanized wires
Reference standard: EN12385-4


Application fields