Braided ropes

BWR 12 Rope is the ideal rope for the installation of:
- steel reinforced aluminium conductors
- electric cables
- shaped straps
- overhead ground wire strands
- telephone cables
- steel wire ropes

The rope has been designed to achieve optimal performances in severe working conditions which occur during the installation operations of the above listed items.

Almost 200 years of experience in producing wire and steel wire ropes, allow Redaelli to produce today state-of-the-art products with the most adequate technologies in accordance to both national and international standards. The ropes are supplied with mill certificates, on which constructional characteristics and the result of tests on single wires and on the rope are included.

BWR 12 rope offers several advantages:
- higher breaking load compared to other braided ropes of the same diameter
- high reliability, under similar working conditions
- perfect non rotation
- a rounder section, that makes passages on drums and sheaves smoother
- higher flexibility, thus facility in handling and in confectioning
- linear contact of wires in braided points, consequently highly reduced pressures on wires
- reduced loss of breaking load in spliced lengths.

BWR 12 braided wire ropes are supplied spliced on both ends and spooled on suitable iron reels. If it is required, the ropes can be supplied also in coils or on wooden reels and with seaworthy packages.

Non rotating
12 strands
Conventional or compacted strands
Braided lay
Wires coating: Galvanised or Ungalvanised
Reference standard: EN 12385-4

Application fields