Go for 7!

7mine is Redaelli’s latest top-grade product for underground mining applications. Its special design is made to replace conventional triangular strand ropes, and their most common problems. Say goodbye to indentation and core collapsing. The 7 outer compacted strands, together with the Lang’s Lay construction, improve the roundness of the rope, reducing vibrations while at the same time simplifying visual inspections. 7mine’s plastic coating of the core’s steel strands and polypropylene fills at 120° maximizes the stability of the rope. Mass and breaking force of 7mine are the same of triangular strand ropes. No need to modify the existing equipment to install 7mine, which can be used on the same winches of triangular strand ropes.

Stranded rope
Core: IWRC + FIBER + Plastic
7 Outer Strands
Compacted Strands
Plastic Filling
Lang Lay
Reference Standard: EN 12385-6


Application fields