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In 1819 Pietro and Giuseppe Redaelli founded at Bonacina in north-west Italy the first workshop for ironworks and wire’s drawing.

The activity rapidly developed and in 1851 a second facility at Malavedo was opened, as of this date the manufacture on industrial basis started.

In 1870 Redaelli was incorporated and became a share capital company.

In 1890 Redaelli supplied the first steel wire rope for cableways, and that made it soon  acquire its leadership of international manufacturers of steel wire ropes for passenger and material transportation. 


The beginning of the new century saw its continuing industrial expansion with the opening of further five new plants at Dervio, Lecco, Gardone Val Trompia, Naples and Milan (Rogoredo).

In 1967 acquired Trafilerie and Corderie Italiane - TECI  headquarted in Milan, already historic brand for steel wire ropes and lifting products.

During the ‘70s  Redaelli diversified its activities either by widening its product range in the steel wire business and derivates, and by the design and installation of machineries for its facilities properly developed for the production of strands and wire ropes.

anni 70

The beginning of ‘90s it focused on the design and manufacture of the engineering systems for the civil structures. Providing complete and innovative technical solutions Redaelli has built over the years its leadership in the tenso structural business, thus linking its brand name to an impressive number of masterpieces around the world.

In 2008 Redaelli become part of the Group Severstal-metiz.

In fall 2009 a new plant was opened at Trieste for the production of the “Giant’s Rope”  for the oil & gas offshore industry. As from the launch of this unique product Redaelli holds a position of leadership.


On 17th May 2010 Redaelli awarded the Guinness World Record with the most innovative wire rope for the offshore industry, the record-breaking FLEXPACK rope, a compacted non-rotating steel wire rope with an unprecedented net weight of 361,1 tons.

In 2011 the commercial network expanded by the opening of two subsidiaries at Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro; in China primarily operates in the offshore industry, in Brasil its brand name is well known in the transport material industry and for the production of systems for tensostructure engineering. Using Redaelli cables three stadiums have been constructed in Brazil for the 2014 Football World Cup - in Brasilia, Fonte Nova and Porto Alegre.


On 9th September 2013 Redaelli awarded for the third time running the Guinness World Record, the record breaking Flexpack reaches a length of over 4 km with a net weight more than 430 tons. It features the latest generation of wire ropes for offshore in ultra- high deep water, where a so cutting-edge performance was never reached before.

guiness world

Redaelli is taking part in the project of renewing the Mont Blanc cable car system, providing the supply of special wire ropes to the new installation, equipped with 360° rotating cable cars.

On 12th January 2015 Redaelli takes control of the Companies under Russian law: AO Redaelli SSM and the distribution’s ropes center LLC Teci Rus; the new Redaelli Group becomes even more competitive in the worldwide scenario.

On 28th April 2017 Redaelli enters Teufelberger Group.  Teufelberger and Redaelli both leading manufacturers of high performance steel wire ropes, unite their expertise to provide the best technical solutions for steel wire ropes and establish together a global presence.

The prestigious achievements over the years are the result of continuous innovation and represent the worldwide technological and industrial success of Redaelli.