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Redaelli is specialized in the production and sale of high-tech steel wire ropes for off-shore and on-shore oil activities, mining industry, cableways, material transportation and industrial lifting. 

Redaelli has equipped over 3000 cableways worldwide with its wire ropes for passenger transport - such as cable cars, 3S, 2S, Funifor, Funitel, gondolas, all type of chairlifts, skilifts, and funiculars, and provides worldwide first-rate after sales and technical service on demand.

The quality of the products in terms of performance blended with the technological skills, this is the winning combination of the cutting edge wire ropes for the offshore application in deep water on which Redaelli has built over the years its leadership. 

The best demonstration of its ultra-high performance products is represented by the breaking record rope that awarded for the third time running the prestigious guinness record with the world’s heaviest rope. Only Redaelli could beat Redaelli. 

Engineering system and services for tenso structural applications

For many decades Redaelli has focused its resources on the development and production of engineering systems for tenso structures, by offering the most complete and innovative technical solutions. Redaelli has provided products and assistance for the construction of the Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark (longest suspension bridge in Europe), the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the consolidation of the Tower of Pisa, the cables for the London Eye, the cable-stayed roof of the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

Many modern masterpieces worldwide has given rise with Redaelli wire ropes. Its products are gracing the suspension roof of the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center at Astana, the roof of the Warsaw Stadium for Europe 2012, the new Juventus Stadium in Turin and the Vancouver’s Arena. Again using Redaelli cables, a further three stadiums have been constructed in Brazil for the 2014 Football World Cup - in Brasilia, Fonte Nova and Porto Alegre. Plus the stadium in Bursa, Turkey, and finally the High Roller in Las Vegas, the tallest ferries in the world.

Distribution and service of lifting equipment

TECI is leader of steel wire ropes and industrial hoisting in the Italian market, and operates in the distribution, service and technical assistance for hoisting, drilling, tensioning, rig fittings and architecture. With its logistics’ network organization, Teci has quickly become market leader in Italy, and its service centers provides qualified technical assistance from the single rope to a complete hoisting system for all major O.E. manufacturers of mobile cranes, tower cranes, overhead travelling cranes and drilling machines.

Teci is equipped with a testing laboratory where it carries out destructive and nondestructive tests to certify the quality of products according to International standards. Directly or through qualified official testing institutes, Teci can certify all supplied materials - with breaking tests for steel wire ropes and magnetic, penetrating liquid, ultrasonic and X-ray tests for all the end fittings. Thanks to Redaelli’s know-how Teci is also technological worldwide leader with its own first class quality ropes of marble and stone cutting, where safety is closely linked to durability and flexibility.