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Redaelli is global market leader in the design and manufacturing of special steel wire ropes. Redaelli is synonymous with quality, innovation and deep technical expertise built up over its 200 years’ history - an outstanding reputation for reliability, providing industry with the excellence of its products in a variety of applications.


The pioneering technology of Redaelli has always represented the main characteristic of the Company across the centuries - new materials and new applications have been continuously explored, thus keeping high differentiation in its core business, the steel wire ropes developed for industrial hoisting, cableways, material transportation, mining, oil industry and tension structures. 


Redaelli is internationally esteemed for its strong reputation in supporting clients with a high-grade technological service, allowing them to develop and perform the best customized solutions. This implies an in-depth examination of all technical aspects of project, the subsequent identification of the most suitable and safest product, as well as the design and production of systems for the engineering of tension  structures. 


All products are Made in Italy: Redaelli designs, develops, manufactures and markets its special wire ropes. Wire ropes are produced  using a sophisticated software capable of providing fast and flexible solutions, in the factories at Gardone Val Trompia (Brescia) and Trieste, the latter specialized in the production of the Giant Ropes (>100t weight range) dedicated to the offshore application. Redaelli’s logistic service and technical assistance are guaranteed in Italy through its TECI network distribution. Headquarted in Milan the commercial network is globally integrated by the subsidiaries in China and Brazil.