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A cookie is a small text file that a website places in the computer of mobile device of a visitor, allowing the navigator's browser to be uniquely identified. Cookies do not damage the computer and do not contain viruses. Cookies have help to streamline the analysis of web traffic or report when a specific site is visited and do not allow the web applications to send information to individual users.

Cookies allow information concerning the visits made by a user to a website to be stored, helping sites function more efficiently and supplying useful information to the administrators. 

Cookies are classified on the basis of:

  • duration: session or persistent cookies
  • origin: first- or third-party cookies
  • purpose: technical, analytical or profiling cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for websites to operate, as they enable functions that facilitate user browsing and are considered strictly necessary for information storage and essential for supplying a service requested by the user. Technical cookies cannot be disabled and prior consent from the user is not required to install them.

Our website's cookies do not reveal user data, we do not use cookies to send personal information and, furthermore, the use of cookies, does not include the identification and tracking of the user.

Our website's cookies are used for statistical detection, which is anonymous and aims to improve user guiding. If cookies are deemed useful in other cases, the purpose of such use will be explained.

Acceptance of cookies on this site occurs by selecting the appropriate choice on the website banner. In general, to enable and/or disable cookies, visit the technical support website for your browser.

You are also asked to read our privacy policy at the following link:

There are two macro categories of cookie that are used on this website:

  • Direct cookies, used directly by us on your computer or mobile device.
  • Indirect cookies, used by third parties. 

The website uses technical and browser cookies. However, profiling cookies - cookies used to track user navigation on the network and create profiles on their tastes, habits, choices, etc. - are not used. With these cookies, the user’s terminal can receive advertisements in line with the preferences already made known by the user during online navigation.

Specifically, this website uses the following types of cookies:


Technical and Browser Cookies

These cookies are used for browsing or to supply a service requested by the user. They are not used for other reasons and are normally installed directly by the owner of the website. Without use of these cookies, some functions might not be carried out or would be more complex and/or less secure. Therefore, these cookies allow the website to operate correctly and the user to see the content on the device used. Browser cookies are technical cookies needed for the site to operate.


Functional Cookies

These are cookies saved on the computer or on another device which, on the basis of the user’s request, record the choices made by the user, allowing the cookies to store them, with the aim of optimising and supplying improved and personal browsing within the service or for accessing the website (e.g. recording passwords in restricted areas, registering products in the shopping cart so that they may be found there at the next session, saving the language selected, watching a video or writing comments on a blog etc.). Functional cookies are not essential for the site to operate, but improve the quality and experience of browsing.


Analytical Cookies

These cookies collect information on how the user uses the website, for example which pages are visited more often. This website uses Google Analytics third-party cookies, a statistical analysis service provided and managed by Google which facilitates anonymous analysis, such as how users visit the site. The information generated by the cookies on the use of the website by the user (including IP address) is transmitted and filed on Google servers. Google Analytics is Google’s analytical tool that helps the owners of websites and applications understand how visitors interact with the content they own. This service could use a set of cookies to collect information and generate statistics on the use of the website without supplying personal information on individual visitors to Google. Besides collecting statistics on the use of the website, Google Analytics allows, together with several advertising cookies described above, to show announcements that are more pertinent to Google property (such as Google Search) and in all web addresses useful to better understand the Google Analytics privacy party. -

Analytical cookies are not essential for the site to operate.

The content available in the News and Multimedia section of the site that can be used through YouTube imply the use of YouTube's cookies. For further information, please refer directly to the information on the domain.

It should be noted that the user can show their own options on the use of cookies on the website (see detailed list below on “types of cookies”), including through the browser(s) settings by following the instructions supplied here below. The user can also set the “anonymous browsing” mode, which allows them to browse the Internet without saving any information on sites, the pages visited, any passwords that might have been entered or on other information parameters.


How to Disable Cookies

Note: If the user wishes to disable all types of cookies (technical included), it should be noted that some site functions could be limited or become unavailable.



To disable the use of analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting browsing data, download the add-on available at

To disable the use of cookies by Google, visit the page:


To disable the use of YouTube cookies, refer to the same pages indicated above. 


To disable directly from the browser the types of cookies used by this website:

If a web browser is used that is not on the list given above, please refer to the documentation or to the online guide of your browser to obtain further information. Users are advised that the Data Controller functions merely as a technical intermediary for the links given in this document and cannot assume any responsibility in the event of any change.