Twin Stayed Road Bridges Reggio Emilia

The three road bridges in Reggio Emilia are iconic steel structures designed by renowned Archietct and Engineer Santiago Calatrava.

This collection of three bridges is part of a large-scale landscape masterplan for the entire area, including a notable high-speed railway station.

The aim of the masterplan and the three bridges was to improve vehicular access and provide an impressive new entrance from the north, connecting the Austostrada del Sole A1 (the main Italian north to south motorway) to the city of Reggio Emilia.

The three bridges compose of a central arch bridge, spanning the railway line and highway, with twin bridges at either end.

The two twin bridges pass over service roundabouts and access roads to allow connection with the new adjacent railway station.

The twin stayed bridges are each marked by a transverse arch 70 m high symbolizing the gateway to the city. Each of these bridges is 90+90 m long span.

No. 50 cable stays, arranged in a unique shape, support the light weight designed deck.

Redaelli designed and manufactured the cable system for all the three bridges within this signature project.

For each of the two stayed bridges Redaelli supplied no. 50 cables FLC60 with fixed TTF fork socket and Adjustable CYN cylindrical socket.

Technical Info
Year 2005-2006
Client Cimolai Costruzioni Armando
Designer Santiago Calatrava
Location Italy
Wire 50 Stay Cables FLC60 mm, with sockets TTF and CYN.