Redaelli is a sea giant: expertise and experience in deepwater are a guarantee of absolute safety, especially in these difficult and challenging environments. Redaelli is renowned worldwide for its offshore successes - that are behind the many industry's firsts world records - holding thus the position of market leader.

Redaelli offshore ropes have been designed and manufactured to comply with the most severe requirements of the Oil&Gas companies. Special offshore wire ropes represent the evolution of land based cranes and are today used for a wide range of subsea applications. Thanks to a series of state of the art technological developments, such as compacted strands, plasticated core and non-rotating constructions, today Redaelli special offshore wire ropes offer the best performance in terms of load capacity, lifetime, wear, fleet angle and crush resistance. The best demonstration of this level of excellence is Flexpack, the heaviest wire rope in the world and, already, winner of three Guinness World Records.