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From the deepest ocean depths to the highest mountain peaks, from mines to cranes, to bridges and stadiums. Redaelli ropes provide solutions to every specific and technically demanding application: offshore, industrial lifting, mining, cableways, tensile structures. Where there can be no compromise over product performance, Redaelli delivers the highest level of expertise, cutting-edge technology and experience.

Special lifting systems for cable-laying units, over 5,000t cranes, deployment systems, winches, extreme subsea applicazions: these are some of the deepwater challenges that Redaelli ropes faced and won with flying colours. Up to the Guinness World Record.

Whether for construction, harbour, marine, drilling or handling requirements, Redaelli provides the best and most suitable ropes to meet any specific need. 

Redaelli’s lifelong experience in mining applications guarantees state-of-the-art ropes for strip and underground mines. Safety and flexibility are a given, even in severe conditions. 

From mountain peaks to urban transport systems, from cablecars in the largest national and international ski-resorts to aerial trasportation in the most challenging locations. In any cutting-edge engineering application, Redaelli guarantees first-rate performance. The safety of passengers and materials is first and foremost.

With many years of experience in Tensostructures, Redaelli is a leader in this specialist tensile structure market, providing complete technical solutions including design, component manufacture, cable assembly fabrication and cable installation & tensioning. This is supplemented  with cable inspection and maintenance services.
As well as providing conventional standard cable systems, we are also able to design & supply non standard cable solutions to meet your bespoke cable requirements.