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Redaelli operates in the field of derived from steel rod, in the processing of high carbon wires and hi-tech steel wire ropes, in the distribution of wire ropes, chains, webbing and roundslings for industrial lifting, in consulting, designing, producing and installing suspended civil structures.

The activity of Redaelli is concentrated in three strategic sectors, breaking down the corporate structure in three Divisions.
At present Redaelli is mainly active in Europe, with production at Gardone Val Trompia (Italy).
The activity outside Europe are continuously growing, mainly in Far East and USA.

The industrial production of Redaelli is divided in three Divisions:

Wire Ropes Division - R&D, design, production and sales of high technology steel wire ropes and wire. Factory in Gardone Val Trompia (Italy).

Tensoteci Engineering - Design, production, engineering and installation of suspended civil structure.

Teci - Design, distribution and sales of wire ropes and accessories for lifting.

The Divisions are coordinated by a Corporate structure handling marketing activity, purchases, finance and control, and IT system.

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