Ride in comfort with Redmont

Redmont is Redaelli’s biggest family of ropes for aerial trasportation. Core support to outer strands and low elongation are the main characteristics of these ropes. The prestretching process combines closing pressure and prestretching tension to fully stabilize rope's mechanical properties and prevent the undesired rope elongation caused by the dynamic use of the ropes over the years thus delaying any need for shortening operations. Redmont7 offers additional comfort to passengers by reducing vibrations and noise on tramways, gondolas, skilifts. While Redmont9, with its larger metallic area, is the best choice for urban transportation systems, where a higher unit weight is required.

Technical Features

Stranded ropes    
Synthetic core or EPIWRC    
6 or 7 or 9 Outer Strands    
Conventional or Compacted Strands    
Lang Lay    
Reference standard: EN 12385-8    


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Application fields

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