Motera Stadium. The world's largest cricket stadium opens in Ahmedabad.

Redaelli Tensostructures has taken part in building the roof for the world’s largest cricket venue, the recently opened new Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad, India.

The stadium spreads across 63 acres and accommodates over 110,000 cricket fans, which is 10,000 more than Australia’s iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The scope of the Redaelli project was to supply the cable system, the cable installation and the big lift, which involved the impressive synchronised tensioning of 52 steel cables from 60 to 65 mm in diameter.

For this project, Redaelli has designed and delivered 280 ropes in six different diameters to Ahmedabad, for a total length of 8000 meters and an approximate weight of 240 tonnes.

The Motera stadium hosts major local and international cricket matches. It will also house an indoor community cricket academy, with access to six indoor practice pitches and three outdoor practice facilities, such as an Olympic swimming pool, gymnasium, two more cricket grounds with smaller pavilion areas, and a number of facilities for other sports like football, hockey, basketball, kabaddi, boxing, tennis and track. Additionally, the stadium hosts a Club House with 55 rooms, restaurants, a party area and a TV room.