Redaelli has for many decades focussed its resources on the development and production systems for tensostructure engineering; offering complete and innovative technical solutions. In recent years the Redaelli name has been linked with the construction of the Storebaelt Bridge in Denmark, the longest suspension bridge in Europe, the consolidation of the Tower of Pisa, the cables for the London Eye, the cable stayed roof of the Olympic Stadium in Athens and the suspension roof of the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center at Astana. In addition Redaelli has been involved in the construction of the roof of the Warsaw Stadium for Europe 2012, the new Juventus stadium in Turin and the stadium in Vancouver. Again using Redaelli cables, a further three stadiums have been constructed in Brazil for the 2014 Football World Cup - in Brasilia, Fonte Nova and Porto Alegre. Plus the stadium in Bursa, Turkey, and finally the High Roller ferris wheel in Las Vegas, the biggest wheel of its type in the world.