The plane of records for a record-breaking rope

Over the years our special steel ropes have been requested, due to their high technology, in different corners of the globe.
From the peaks of the mountains to the depths of the sea, the use of exceptional transports has made it possible to reach our destination in the most diverse places and at the expected times.

Among the first exceptional transports that we want to remember is that of June 2006, when a reel of 68 tons literally took off, to be able to be delivered as soon as possible on the Pipe Layer Vessel "Skandi Navica" of SS7, which operated in the heart of the North Sea.
The transport took place through the Antonov aircraft, the largest cargo plane in the world ever built in series. Our rope occupied more than half the load potential of the powerful four-engine, with destination Stavanger.
A similar shipment took place in 2014 for MacGregor, but this time with destination Nigeria. Our FLEXPACK rope, 50 ton and 64 mm ø had to be urgently installed on the Multipurpose vessel / TOV support Vessel "Siem Marlin" operating in the Gulf of Guinea.

On the peaks of the Swiss Alps, the 96-ton Redmont7 Wire Rope, with a diameter of 58 mm and a length of 6,970 meters, is the first rope of this weight and dimension carried from the valley to the Laax Ski resort for the construction of the Sogn Martin - La Siala gondola lift.

By night, along the roads of Central Europe, the exceptional transport of Tension structures Full Locked Coil cables of an extraordinary diameters of 150 mm: cables’ rolls with a diameter of almost 5 meters occupying both lanes of the motorways with its bulky load; destination was the new Warsaw National Stadium inaugurated for the 2012 European Football Championships.